Different tasks require different types of printers. For high quality and permanent printing, a laser printer is the obvious choice, whether black and white or color. For a quick and inexpensive printout, an inkjet printer might be more appropriate and cost effective.

All-in-one devices, combining a printer with at least one other function, such as a scanner, copier or facsimile machine, are very popular. Generally, while they cost less than individual devices, one has to factor in the fact that if one function on the device fails, the entire device may be rendered useless for all functions. In addition, a multifunction device may not perform as well as individual devices. This also has to be taken into consideration.

If you are printing on multiple part forms, the only practical way to do it is with an impact printer.

Z-Ware Systems carries several different lines of printers. We have Hewlett-Packard LaserJets and DeskJets, as well as Canon Deskjet printers. We have printers to attach to a single machine, or your wired or wireless network. We can help you select the most cost effective printing solution for your needs.

In addition, we also have on the shelf replacement parts for many of the above, and we service the full line of Hewlett-Packard, Canon, and QMS laser printers. We even have a few reconditioned impact printers for those who need to print on multiple part forms.

We generally don't put prices on our Web site, but you can eitherE-MAIL us or telephone us at (609) 585-8415 for price quotations on single piece or volume purchases. We carry cables, and printer supplies such as toner cartridges and inkjet cartridges as well.
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