Memory Products

At Z-Ware, we recognize that memory is the essence of your machine. While the CPU does the processing, the memory is what holds the data and the instructions. Insufficient memory is a very common cause of a slow machine. As you add more applications, and more background and resident tasks are loaded, it takes up more of the available RAM in the machine. This can cause a phenomenon called "paging", whereby the machine has to swap active information from memory to disk. This takes much more time than if the machine is able to leave all of the information in RAM. This, of course, slows the machine.

Z-Ware Systems carries a variety of memory products. While we have most of the common memory products on the shelf, we can also custom order memory for video cards, notebook computers, and other specialized memory products.

Some of what we carry:

  • Desktop memory - SDR, DDR, DDR-2 and DDR-3 RAM in all different densities and speeds. If we don't have it, we can get it quickly for you.
  • SODIMM memory - SDR, DDR, DDR-3, and DDR-3 RAM in whatever density or speed you might need. Again, if we don't have it, we have sources for it.
  • Flash memory products - USB sticks, and flash SSD disks - we don't stock everything, but we have our sources!
  • We also have a limited amount of single chip, 30 and 72 pin stick memory, and other older memory products for classic machines.

Because memory prices are so volatile, we generally don't put prices on our Web site, but you can eitherE-MAIL us or telephone us at (609) 585-8415 for price quotations on single piece or volume purchases. We will also install your memory if you purchase it from us.
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