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Z-Ware Systems is one of the few places in the area that works on Macintosh systems. While we are not an Apple Authorized Service Provider, and therefore we cannot perform warranty service on Macintosh, we have over 25 years experience in Macintosh service and repairs. Our owner, Dave Zarodnansky, served as lead Macintosh support person on the Help Desk of a major corporation in the area before leaving that position to concentrate on Z-Ware in July of 1997, and has kept up with the latest in Macintosh systems since then.

We carry some Mac repair parts, and most Mac memory on the shelf, and can get virtually anything needed to repair or upgrade your Mac within a day or two. In addition, we can advise you on converting your existing Macintosh data files to PC format should you decide that you need to move in that direction.

We do NOT sell Macintosh parts unless we install them. The reason for this is twofold: First, we cannot guarantee any part that we do not install. Second, often we are approached for parts because someone has misdiagnosed a machine only to find that the problem was not where they thought it was, and the part replaced was not the problem at all. Since we often have to special order parts, we cannot take back something that we have sold unless it is truly defective. While PC's are generally modular, and designed to have the parts replaced by the end user, Macs generally should be serviced by an experienced shop. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing parts that you would like to install yourself, you might be better off going to Apple (who may not sell you the parts either for the same reason!)

Our service prices vary by the type of service you need, so we don't post them. You can eitherE-MAIL us or telephone us at (609) 585-8415 for price quotations on repairs and upgrades. If you E-Mail, please include the TYPE of Mac, the type of service required, and both a TELEPHONE NUMBER and an E-MAIL ADDRESS where we can reach you for further information should we need it. Please keep in mind that many repair quotations cannot be made via telephone or E-Mail, as we need to see the equipment in order to make an accurate diagnosis of any problems you may be having. Upgrade quotations are based on upgrading a properly working Mac. Because many Mac repair parts are sold on an exchange basis, if the Mac you want to upgrade is not working properly, there will be an additional charge for getting it into working order before upgrading it.
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